A year after we purchased our newly built home we were confronted with an alarming number of building faults that were contributing to a rapid decline in the structural integrity of our home.


These faults included:-

  • The construction of wet areas without proper water proofing

  • The use of wrong tiling adhesive in our pool area

  • Excessive wall cracking due to the absence of expansion joints

  • Unsealed skylights

  • Incorrect joist work to second story flooring

  • Rusting of structural steel due to lack of rust proofing


The future looked bleak for us as a family and we had the damage rectification quoted at $200,000.


Our initial encounter with the builder's insurance company was less than receptive and, on the recommendation of a colleague, we commissioned Shavar Pty Ltd to undertake a comprehensive building assessment and represent us in our claim.


Using the latest technology as well as their experience of building practices and materials Shavar was able to provide us with a complete appraisal of our home's conditions and prepare our claim in an industry language and measured against building regulations that made our case to the insurance company closed to debate.


Although it was a protracted process, Shavar stood by us at every step of the way, explaining often difficult terms and providing us with confidence and direction as a multitude of decisions were made.


The insurance company paid out the full amount of our claim.


We have also contracted Shavar to act as the building consultants of our rectification stage. With their experience and vision we are nearing completion with full confidence that all the original builder's short cuts and design faults have been resolved and we can at last start to enjoy our home.


Initially we were concerned by Shavar's scale of charges but now two years later it is apparent just how much we have saved through their guidance.


We are very happy to recommend Shavar's services to anyone with existing building concerns or who want the peace of mind when building from scratch.

Tim & Jane Nicholls - Greenwich, NSW 

We were very much pleased and impressed with Shavar's consultancy services, which ended up in the Tribunal and we won our case only because of Mr Bedrossian.


Mr Bedrossian acted highly competently in Court and maintained his coolness against the barrister on the other side who tried to prove that he was not knowledgeable about hot and cold food bars.


The magistrate was satisfied with all Mr Bedrossian's technical explanations and even under repetitious questioning from the opposition he kept his calmness and professional approach answering the questions.


The questioning only ended when the magistrate terminated the questioning of the barrister as the Magistrate felt that the barrister was wasting the court's time.


We were impressed with Mr Bedrossian's approaching objectively to all matters and that he was never in doubt or confused with any aspect of the case.


We find that Mr Bedrossian is a person of high integrity with his professional attitude. Both our side and the opposition considered him extremely trustworthy.


We could not have won the case without Mr Bedrossian's report, advice and his services as an expert witness in Parramatta Local Court.


Hans Mohr - Surry Hills NSW     

I, Joseph M Blanco, practice as a solicitor and I am also engaged in certain property development. From time to time issues have arisen where I have had to obtain professional advice and assistance in matters related to various aspects of properly development. In addition there are various services in the running of my legal practice that I require on behalf of client's.


In the past I have sought the assistance and services of Shavar Pty Ltd and in particular with the Director Mr Varoujan Bedrossian.


Such matters included certain detailed advices regarding the Building Code of Australia, various building issues and Fire Services advice.


At all times my matters have been dealt with the utmost of professionalism and in a very prompt and personalized manner.


I was impressed by the thoroughness of the services and advices afforded to me in all these matters to date which in my practice as a lawyer and in property development have been of great assistance to me.


I have no hesitation in recommending Varoujan to anyone needing the services and professional assistance in any building matters or property related matters.

Joseph M Blanco Solicitors & Attorneys KINGSFORD NSW 2032

I have engaged Mr Bedrossian of Shavar over a number of very challenging projects in a period spanning over 10 years.


He has no peer with respect to knowledge and experience, particularly with matters of extreme complexity. His professional manner, accessibility to the client and exceptional communication skills make him well sought after.


As a CEO today I know the challenges involved when trying to find, engage and rely on a true professional. Mr Bedrossian is such a person. The services provided by Mr Bedrossian and Shavar Pty Ltd are truly whole of business. By this I mean that he and his enterprise will accept the brief from the client, take full responsibility, provide regular feedback and where possible, from their own initiative, offer innovative options to resolve complex matters. In my experience, such initiatives have often resulted in a reduction of potential costs with no compromise in quality.


I believe in this day and age Mr Bedrossian and his enterprise are a rarity. His attention to detail, the quality of his advice, materials and systems are outstanding. Every job and task matters to him. He takes great pride in the quality of his service and outcomes.


Atop all of this he holds extensive formal qualifications and his love of learning, education and continuous improvement is obvious to anyone who has come in contact with him.


Mr Bedrossian and Shavar Pty Ltd are founded on integrity and professionalism. They can be relied upon on all fronts.


Alex Malley - Chief Executive Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand. 

Since 1985 I have made extensive use of the various services offered by Mr Varoujan Bedrossian. 


Mr Bedrossian originally provided engineering services. In 2005 I chose his company for my extra needs related to building and construction. They were selected because of my satisfaction with the earlier association as well as their promise of high level service in this new field. I am pleased to say their organization lived up to my expectations and will continue to be a natural choice for future advice or help with building matters.


Through their extensive practical experience, Mr Bedrossian’ compact organization proved to have excellent technical knowledge with deep understanding of all aspects of building from knowledge of statutory requirements and procedural matters through to design and construction of structures. This made them one of the few such professional organizations capable of providing a complete consulting service from design through to completion.


As a client I valued the one stop shop approach and continuity allowing me to deal with only a single party from problem definition and preliminary investigation through to problem solving and final report completion and documentation. They invested sufficient time for thorough preparation so they could appear in all forums throughout the process.


The qualifications of Mr Bedrossian and his personnel ensured the company was recognized as an authority on a broad range of matters and therefore able to act as experts in all formal capacities - from the office of the Fair Trade to the Supreme Courts. It also meant that at a professional level Mr Bedrossian was able to deal with architects, builders, developers and government officers.


It was a pleasure to deal with an organization in which the people were courteous and helpful and acted with the highest level of integrity in the client's best commercial interests.

Aubrey Cohen -  Edgecliff  NSW         

I was immediately struck by Mr Bedrossian’ extensive and wide-ranging knowledge of construction issues, by his ability to think laterally and by his willingness to work with me to solve the problems rather than to simply provide consulting advice. I quickly learnt to accept his judgment and to entrust him with representing my interests in local council and legal matters. I was not at all surprised to hear that a large percentage of his time was spent as an expert witness in court.


In my view varoujan place him higher in the consulting hierarchy than his peers, Mr Bedrossian possesses other qualities that lift him to unreachable levels.


He is meticulous and a stickler for documentation - a crucially important and overlooked characteristic that can often mean the difference between success and failure. He is passionate, hard-working, conscientious and extraordinarily reliable. He is an excellent communicator and negotiator and a superb team member. Most important of all, he has strong ethics and morals and can be completely entrusted to look after his clients' interests.


Since our initial project together, I have relied extensively on Mr Bedrossian and his associates at Shavar for consulting and for coordinating several of my other projects. I have no intention of using anyone else.

Angelo Doukas - Director,Crandon Corporation

The Owners Corporation of Strata 6147 (16 apartments on four levels, with garages on three levels below) commissioned Mr Varoujan Bedrossian, independent and accredited building consultant from Shavar Pty Ltd, to design and project manage a Colorbond roof to cover our leaking flat concrete slab roof. Shavar rapidly inspected and measured, provided a design, technical drawings and spec sheets, and obtained three quotations for us. They carried out all relevant dealings with the local council in relation to the DA, compliance certification and construction certificate, and prepared all building contracts for signature. Their service was at all times prompt, personal and thoroughly professional and we are delighted with a result that turned out to be well within our budget.


Ken Perrin - Secretary/Treasurer Owners Corporation S P 6147 GREENWICH  NSW

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