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Inspections & Reports
  • Determine whether a problem is a defect or not.

  • Identify if the building complies with the NCC (BCA) and meets relevant Australian Standards.

  • Identify the cause of defect and investigated further for remedial works.

  • Provide guidance based on facts and objective advice based on our knowledge and experience.

  • A detailed and fully bespoke report will be provided.


Forensic Investigation
  • Carry out physical investigations to determine the facts and reasons for the outcome.

  • Identify the actual problem for rectification work.  Please note that rectification work be carried out by non qualified, unlicensed unregistered personnel,could result in further damages.

 Development Application & Construction Certificate applications:

  • Submission of Development Application and or Construction Certificate to relevant Authorities is always a prerequisite for all building works.

  • Construction certificate is required prior to any building works.

  • We can assist you and act on your behalf with relevant Authorities.

Project Management
  • Project Management is the role of coordinating of all required documentations and physical trade works of the project.

  • We can manage your building-construction project completely or partly as required.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution
  • Accredited and registered Mediator for all disputes to ensure the resolution of problems.

  • Mediation is confidential and is conducted on a without prejudice basis. It is an informal and voluntary procedure for dispute resolution.

  • Effective mediation can prevent dispute escalation, leaving no alternative but costly legal process.

Litigation Support
  • Some building disputes may require legal support in order to achieve your desired result.

  • We prepare all technical documentation and work with your legal representative if required.

Expert Witness Reports
  • NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal may rely on evidence from expert witness to reach a conclusion. 

  • All reports comply with Expert Witness Code Bound by NCAT Procedural Direction 3.

Cost Analysis:

  • Cost analysis is the preparation of itemised costing of materials and labour.

  • We assist in cost comparison so that you can decide which contractor to go with.

  • Should it be necessary to go to court we can prepare Scott Schedule. The Scott Schedule is the summary of all estimated costs on all defective and none complying building works for recovering from the other party in court.

  • We can present alternative ways to rectify or build the building without compromising the end result.

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