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Common Problems


  • Cracks can appear in all building materials and their severity should be determined by an expert.  Any crack that is structural and not been rectified will deteriorate further with remedial works becoming more complex and costly.

  • We can identify the type of crack and determine whether if it is structural or not.

  • We will specify the necessary remedial works to prevent further deterioration of the crack by proposing the most practical and economical solution.

Moisture – Dampness – Condensation - Mould:

  • Presence of moisture, dampness and condensation can cause mould in buildings as mould will grow on moist wet surfaces.

  • Over time moisture and dampness can cause damage to the structure if it has not been assessed and rectified. In some instances this can be caused by design, construction or owner builder construction methods.

  • Mould usually has a fuzzy look, comes in different colours and can grow on structures and on different materials including clothing.   

  • We can identify the cause of moisture and dampness in the building and find solutions to all damp problems to eliminate. Should the problem be an extremely expensive and becomes uneconomical to eliminate completely we can suggest a strategy for minimising.


  • We identify leakage problems and eliminate the source of the problem by preparing detailed specifications for the necessary remedial works.

  • The source of leakage can be from different places and if neglected can become a major problem if not rectified.

  • Unattended leakages create dampness, mould and wood rot and attract termites as they like moist and dark conditions.