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For over forty years Shavar have been providing Sydney with most experienced building inspection services.

The company's director, Varoujan Bedrossian, heads up a team of experts to ensure that building challenges are identified, reported objectively and acted on. 

Varoujan's experience in mediation and litigation support gives clients the confidence to question their suppliers, builders and contractors.

Varoujan and his team are highly educated and accredited in industry methods and standards.

Their extensive experience allows them to communicate with home owners, builders, engineers, government departments and courts.

While Shavar's primary focus is on luxury dwellings they also have extensive experience with strata bodies and commercial buildings.

Varoujan personally handles all inquiries and tailors Shavar's response to ensure that your issues are addressed in the most effective and economically responsible manner.

"My personal commitment to clients is that our strategy, procedural guides and project monitoring will guarantee the integrity of original construction. And for remedial work, our rectification strategy will ensure that your building is returned to its intended standards."  

Varoujan Bedrossian 

Senior Building Inspector / Director 

MDesSc (Bldg Des) NBPR-1 

"There are many things happen within the building industry that people are not aware of, my aim is to provide optimum services to help owners to resolve these issues."  

Sevag Bedrossian 

Senior Building Inspector 

MDesSc (Bldg Des) NBPR-2  

"Disputes can sometimes lead to unnecessary problems and might involve in legal costs and headaches, eliminating these problems earlier will save lost of financial and psychological grief. My role is to prevent these from happening."  

Vatche' Bedrossian 

Technical Manager 

B Ec (hons) (syd)